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 The Aeolian house: book it with us!

We select for you the most evocative houses in Panarea and boutique hotels

We are happy to assist you in finding residences on other islands and in Sicily


Lo spazio

Freely adapted from La Casa Eoliana - by Lo Cascio

Àstricu, bàgghiu, mazzuòlo, parmièntu, pulèra, uocchiu tunnu

The Aeolian architecture is unique in its kind, thanks to a style that has been perfected over time, to ensure the best living conditions and functionality in relation to the traditional activities of the islanders, the needs of domestic life inside and that to have spaces outside, where to spend the days. Singular is the brightness of the houses, arranged in such a way as to follow the cycle of days and seasons, whose perimeter walls do not constitute a limit but allow the strong colours of the landscape to penetrate.

Inside the rooms are spacious. Il Forno u fornu, near the hearth, the u Silàru mezzanine, the niches, the finestrieddi and the bed with the trespoli, the trispiti, the corner and the chest of drawers were part of the essential traditional furnishing. The ample terrace u Bagghiu, with the seats, the bisòla, and the columns, the pulèra, is covered by the pergola, a loggia, luxuriant with leaves during the good season and bare in winter when they filter the healthy rays of the sun. The cisterna, a histerna, to collect the rainwater, the lavatoio, whashhouse, set between the seats of the terrace; the garden, a littera, and animal shelters, the mannari, at the edge of the garden are essential parts of that equilibrium. Il Palmento u parmientu, the warehouse for the storage of tools u maiazzienu, and the pinnata, to protect from night moisture the grapes to pass, placed on racks of canes, the cannizzi, complete the traditional Aeolian house.


Cubes, arches, columns, external stairs, simple geometries that are combined in harmonious architectural complexes well integrated into the natural environment of the island.

The sea breeze by day and in the evening the smell of carnations in the small flowerbed, u mignàmu, made between the seats of the terrace, on the first floor, of basil and mint in the garden, the nepetella, together with the smells of the Mediterranean maquis from the countryside, the dominant perfumes remain and the emblematic example of a healthy balance with the surrounding environment.


In Panarea the traditional Aeolian architecture has been revisited and enhanced thanks to the architect Paolo Tilche, creator of the Raya Hotel together with Myriam Beltrami, a couple who, thanks to the love for the island, managed to make Panarea an island unique and immortal considered cult and unique, adding shape to beauty itself.


The houses we offer are traditional and authentic, but equipped with the necessary amenities for your holiday here.


Respect for the environment is very important in an island where water is transported by tankers and unfortunately still not autonomous from the point of view of energy and self-sufficiency in general.


We ask our guests to have more attention to the environment around them, to minimise the use of disposable plastic and to consume little water.


We also collaborate with hotels and bed&breakfast, so let us know if you prefer this!



Whether you choose to stay in an Aeolian house, or whether you choose a hotel, you can always contact us for any service you need in the Aeolian area.

esperienze alle eolie

Whether you choose to stay in an Aeolian house, or whether you choose a hotel, you can still contact us for any service in the Aeolian area.

By choosing Sevenislands as your trusted concierge for the Aeolian Islands and neighbouring Sicily, you will personally experience the islands.

Your holiday will become a journey in the journey, you'll discover colours, flavours and scents that our beautiful islands have to offer.

Do you want to travel by helicopter, or reach Panarea at sunset on board a comfortable boat? Or would you like to do a cooking class or go to the discovery of the medicinal plants of the Aeolian Islands? Maybe an aperitif at sunset or a night trip to see the Stromboli show from the sea?

Are you interested in the environment and would you like to know about active projects on the islands for environmental and marine protection? Or would you like to dive with a marine biologist?

Do you dream of getting married to the Aeolian Islands or coming here for your honeymoon?

With us, all of this and much more is possible.


We organise personal assistance services for your holiday: do not stress on vacation! We think of everything for you.

  • Booking houses & hotels for your stay in the Aeolian Islands

  • Private transfer to reach Milazzo and then the islands

  • Private transfer to Panarea and other islands by boat or yacht to feel already on vacation

  • Transfer by helicopter to experience the Aeolians view from the sky

  • Booking of yachts and boats to start your experience on the sea

  • Reservation of ships & hydrofoils

  • Assistance to private boats and yachts arriving from the sea

  • Excursions by boat or on foot

  • Naturalistic excursions & trekking

  • Home shopping

  • Dinners at home

  • Cleaning services

  • Baby sitting

  • Reservations in the most evocative restaurants of the archipelago

  • Intimate Sunset aperitifs or in the most beautiful clubs to greet the sun

  • Cooking classes

  • Harvest in Salina

  • Tours to taste local wines

  • Aeolian flavours box to be pre-ordered

  • Groupage of best local wines

  • Discover the Aeolian Islands and their biodiversity

  • Personal Shopper among the most beautiful boutiques and discovery of artisans left on the islands

  • Bespoke tours

  • Events, parties & weddings in the Aeolian Islands

  • Yoga & Holistic retreats to regenerate and recharge you thanks to the magic of the islands

  • Private Yoga classes

  • Beauty farm and beauty treatments

  • Incentive Travels & team building for companies

  • Assistance for the logistics of events and activities to be organised in the Aeolian Islands

  • Photo shootings

  • And More! Send us your wish list for an ideal holiday and we will make it all possible for you.


* some services will not be available for the month of August 

* prices on request


taste Sicily


Sicily and the Aeolian Islands offer the best food&wine panorama among the richest in the world, from capers to wine, from almonds to chocolate, from cheeses to legumes and much more: honey, fruit, herbs, preserves, pasta and products from ancient grains.


We are happy to organise for your arrival on the island a small box with the best products and create a groupage of local natural wines for you.


We are also happy to guide you to discover the best restaurants on the islands, which you can book through Sevenislands: we’ll advise you on the best of what the area offers.


If you are interested, it is also possible to organise cooking classes, aperitifs at sunset by boat to taste and savour while you enjoy the scenery or dinner at home with an island cook.


If you love wine, the real one, and would like to organise a tour dedicated to this precious nectar of the gods, contact us and we will prepare a special stay for you in Salina to discover the art of harvesting.


* prices on request




 Eolie Lifestyle Blog

Drop in the sweet routine of the island, dress in colour, book a yoga class or a massage.


On our blog you will find all the initiatives and news concerning the island, the activities, retreats that are organised.

Follow us to find out more.

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